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AIA Science is a leading Norwegian Artificial Intelligence and Analytics company based in Trondheim and Oslo.

We sincerely believe that technology should move society in the right direction. We are really good at artificial intelligence, machine learning and high-performance computing, and are proud of what we know and what we can do.

In 2008, Numascale was started, with a global focus on building the best possible high-performing platform. Numascale is today a very successful high-performing computing company, with global customers and partnerships.

In 2017, the software part of Numascale was spun-off into a separate company, AIA Science.

Since its start, AIA Science has continued developing this software into the AIA Analytics Platform. We have recruited a strong team of highly skilled Data Scientists, where two of our engineers now are lecturing in Data Science at Master’s level at the University in Oslo (UiO) and NTNU in Trondheim.

We are determined to provide the best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions and platform in the market.

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