Atle Vesterkjær


Atle is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AIA Science and has been part of the Numascale software division spinning out into AIA Science.

In AIA Science Atle focuses on building a competitive team where each individual player makes the team stronger. he oversees the AIA Science technology strategy for building the next generation analytics platform for data driven decisions. By creating an open-minded, free-spoken, creative workplace, Atle believes in ensuring that the AIA Science Team performs better analytics by picking the optimal tools, data and software stack for the problem at hand.

Atle has 16 years of background in HPC, Embedded Programming and data analytics. This has made him a passionate and seasoned technology leader for the data science field. Atle is known to always be passionate for analytics, has won prices for great innovation ideas and has an optimistic view on technology having the potential to make life easier and better for everyone.

Atle holds as Master of Science (Physics, in the field of Electronics and Measurement techniques) degree from the University of Oslo.


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