Dr. Dirk Hesse

Chief Data Scientist (CDS)

Dirk is our Chief Data Scientist in AIA Science. He leads our client facing data science activities and is the product manager for client solutions.

Dirk has many years of experience in advanced analytics on large datasets, in highly technical and abstract academic settings as well as in hands-on, result-oriented industry projects. He has crunched numbers to gain insights into theories about the smallest building blocks of matter and helped marketing managers to build more holistic views of their customers. Dirk has a passion for data, not for the data’s sake but for what it can tell us about the world around us. He believes strongly that there is no business that cannot profit from maximizing the use of their data through deep analytics. He is excited about “bleeding edge” big data and data science technologies and is a passionate mentor in the AIA Science Analytics Team, as well as giving courses on data science at the University of Oslo. Dirk has published several research papers and has his own blog on data science tools and methods.

Previously, Dirk has worked as the Chief Data Scientist at iKnow Solutions Europe. He has also worked as a Data Scientist at Intelligent Communication AS in Oslo, as a Senior Software Developer at Roxar and as a Researcher in Computational Theoretical Physics at the University of Parma, Italy.
Dirk has a doctoral degree in Computational Theoretical Physics from Humboldt-Universität, Berlin.


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