Patrick Merlot

Data/Computational Scientist

Patrick is a Data Scientist and developer at AIA Science.

Born in France, he has travelled over Europe and has studied multiple disciplines in France, Denmark and Norway. Patrick is a passionate software developer, a computational physicist and an engineer in electronics passionate about building technology that
improves society and reduces inequalities.

He has a strong academic background and is particularly fond of applying his knowledge to solve everyday challenges in various domains. Through his masters and research position, he has worked on complex scientific challenges from sonar systems to quantum dots, and from molecular science to evidence-based decision making. Patrick has learned to dissect intractable systems (challenges that are too complex computationally) to find working solutions using controlled and reasonable approximations.

Patrick enjoys working in AIA Science because he believes in applying AI for the ‘greater good’, inspire others to do the same both in an open and challenging working environment, and that’s why he was thrilled to join the founders of AIA Science early on.

Patrick has three Masters degrees; one M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from ENSTA (France), one M.Sc. in Mobile Communications from the University of Aalborg (Denmark) and one M.Sc. in Computational Quantum Physics from the University of Oslo.


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