Thiago Guerrera Martins, PhD

Principal Data Scientist

Thiago is the Principal Data Scientist in AIA Science. He heads the internal development of the AIA Analytics Suite and Analytics Engine, but is at the same time leading the Trondheim data science team and involved in some client projects.

Thiago joined AIA Science with a mission to help create a company that is truly centered around data and to address shortcomings in the industry that I have identified throughout his career. Statistics, Probability and decision making under uncertainty are fields of work that Thiago has worked with for many years. He holds a PhD in Statistics and started his career in finance and economics. He has experienced first hand the challenges of building large scale learning systems from his role as a Data Scientist at Yahoo. There, he worked on the search engine platform that powers many of Yahoo products. Nothing brings Thiago more joy than to overcome such challenges and to see the real value added by systems that are able to learn from data.

Thiago has a PhD in Statistics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.



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